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3D Prints for College Back to School 2016 – Top WTFFF?! Picks
August 19 2016 - @hazzdesign (3dstartpoint.com)
Aaah, don’t you remember your first college dorm and how incredibly boring it was when you first moved in? The most high tech thing in there was the laptop you brought with you and you’d be lucky if your dorm came with wifi, but not these days where the incoming freshman class is used to seeing, “Outdated icons with images of floppy discs for “save,” a telephone for “phone,” and a snail mail envelope for “mail” that have oddly decorated their tablets and smart phone screens.” To keep up with the incoming freshman class’ lifelong exposure to technology, I think having a 3D printer in your dorm room is the perfect fit for the class of 2020. A dorm room 3D printer is great idea to have around to make one less trip up the stairs on move in day and just be able to 3D print out anything you might have forgotten to pack or might find out you need once the school year starts.

Read more on 3DStartPoint.com.
Wedding Fair Raffle Winner!
March 2 2016 - Mary @ FormURLife - http://www.FormURLife.com/blog
Congratulations to Ryan Kramer, winner of this weekend's Wedding Fair Raffle! You've won 10 USB Flash drives to customize for your own wedding, we'll email you all the details! Thank you to everyone who entered our raffle at the Bay Area Wedding Fair in Walnut Creek on Sunday! It was a great show, check out all the pics on our Facebook page.
Jan 20 2016 - Mary @ FormURLife - Twitter / #GetOutHere
Check out these marketing materials we 3D Printed recently for the Nike #GetOutHere fitness campaign. Nike’s creative team needed something with major wow factor. They were commissioning ice sculptures and huge typographic guerrilla marketing structures from coast-to-coast. No pressure... right?

They brought us an idea and together we made a SLAM DUNK with these totally bespoke USB Flash Drives. The campaign kicked off with a huge splash and we’re proud to be apart of it!

Its about that time... Lets get started on your next campeign! - contact us today to make something awesome!
#2015 on Instagram
Dec 30 2015 - Mary @ FormURLife - http://www.Instagram.com/FormURLife
New Year’s Eve plans are made; 2016 Resolutions in-the-bag; heck, you’ve even practiced writing a “6” so you get it right on Friday ;)

But, 2015 will always live on in our hearts - and on #Instagram! To celebrate a very photograph-able year, we’d like to look back at some of our favorite shots!

Check out @FormURLife on Instagram for more info about your favorite shot. And to keep up with everything new and awesome coming in 2016 be sure to follow us:
New YouTube Video - 3D Face Scan
Dec 12 2015 - Chris @ FormURLife - http://www.FormURLife.com/blog

We love bringing you guys behind the scenes to see how 3D Printing works!
This is a fun 3D Scan project we 3D Printed couple of weeks back for one of our local customers.

This was 3D Printed on our ColorJet 3D Printer, which binds tiny particles of powder to create a full-color, three-dimensional object of anything you want. All of the extra powder you see being sucked up here can be reused; there is virtually no waste!

We love working on totally unique custom projects like this. If you have a file you’d like 3D Printed contact us and see how we can work together!

Last Day to Order Int. Customers!
Dec 7 2015 - Chris @ FormURLife - http://www.FormURLife.com/blog

Hanukkah is here; Christmas is just around the corner! And, if you live outside of the US, today is the last day for all international customers to place an order with delivery in time for Christmas!

So if you want to customize the perfect gift or grab a last minute stocking stuffer, you better get started!

USB Flash Drives

Hard Drives

3D Pictures

Gift Cards

#SmallBusinessSaturday FTW
Nov 28 2015 - Mary @ FormURLife - http://www.FormURLife.com/blog

There’s a lesser-known shopping day right after Thanksgiving and that’s #SmallBusinessSaturday! We are so proud of how far FormURLife has come over the last couple of years – but we’re still absolutely a Small Business in heart (and in practice!).

For those of you who don’t know, we originally opened up shop on Etsy and sold our first custom, 3D Printed products side-by-side with other crafters and artisans. As the positive responses kept coming in about how awesome our products were, we knew we really had something. Fast-forward to present day and all of our 3D Printing manufacturing is done in-house… LITERALLY!

Make an appointment to stop by our workshop any time of day or night and you’ll likely find Chris or I hard at work in, on or under our 3D Printer on some new idea! We’re dedicated to designing amazing, functional products that make our customers happy and we’re proud to be a small business in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thanks for supporting your local 3D Printer!

Nov 25 2015 - Chris @ FormURLife - http://www.FormURLife.com/blog

Black Friday is here and sales begin Thanksgiving day! So, get ready and enjoy our lowest prices ever on all custom 3D Printed products PLUS get free shipping in the US and pay just $5 world wide!

And for the first time ever, design your custom 3D Printed Hard Drive for under $100 bucks! Its a perfect time to save on some amazing stocking stuffers and gifts and just in time for the holidays!

NEW - Custom 3D Pictures!
Nov 19 2015 - Chris @ FormURLife - http://www.FormURLife.com/blog
They’re finally here! Introducing our newest custom product… 3D pictures! Upload any photo you’d like and customize it on our Product Configurator; we’ll 3D Sculpt it and 3D Print it in high resolution full-color! We wanted to create something that felt stylish and high-tech while bringing some of your most precious moments to life.

Starting at $19.95, our 3D Pictures are available in 4 sizes. You can customize the curve and choose from tons of colors for the accents. Keep an eye out: we have some great new add-ons coming soon. As always, just let us know if you have a special request. Now what are you waiting for? It’s time to bring your photo album into the future!
BACK to SCHOOL Computer Gear SAVE 20%
Aug 14 2015 - Mary @ FormURLife - http://www.FormURLife.com/blog
"BACK TO SCHOOL... some dread it... others dread it less… but no matter which category you fall into, it’s time to get organized and shop for your new supplies! We have some great, high performance computer gear that’s sure to get you pumped up for the first day back! Forget the boring gadgets of yesteryear and design your own.

Our 3D Printed USB Flash Drives are a unique and practical way to organize your digital files.
Students can show off their style and these can be customized with their names, favorite number and colors or even match their first day outfit.
Teachers will love the practicality – color coding files and organizing by class before ever plugging them in. Plus the added security of EVERYONE knowing that their one-of-a-kind design is totally “theft proof”!

If you need more storage, design a 3D Printed External Hard Drive and back up in style all year long! Huge project files will transfer in no time with USB 3.0 speed and 1TB of space. Customize them anyway you want with TONS of fun text & layout options, font choices, colors and 3D patterns…

Stock up on school supplies and save! 20% off orders of $50 or more through September 7th use coupon code SKOOL20 at FormURLife.com
7 Creative 3D Printed Gifts Ideas
Aug 1 2015 - Mary @ FormURLife - http://www.FormURLife.com/gallery
1. Update Your Mix Tape Game
Design a custom flash drive to bring your 90’s Cassette 'Make Out' Mix Tape into the future with a digital music compilation for that lucky guy or gal.

2. A Special Request
Can I get a drum roll please? Pull out all the stops and have FormURLife 3D Print something fun and totally unique for them... check out TurboSquid for a little inspiration!

3. For The Romantic <3
Passionate... and practical! One word can say it all so make their Flash Drive short and sweet. Plus, get bonus points for designing it yourself!

4. Just For Me
Sometimes you need to 'treat yo self'... you know, to hone your gift giving skills ;)

5. For Your Superhero
This hard drive has got it all: tons of storage space, USB 3.0 and totally customizable with your hero's favorite hero!

6. Not On The Registry
Too creative to stick to the gift registry? Yeah, us too. Design a one-of-a-kind for the happy couple!

7. They say 'Don't look a Gift Card in the mouth'
I think ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Eitherway, these awesome gift cards dont have teeth! They do however let you customize any product or 3D Print anything you want in full color at FormURLife.com

July 23 2015 - Mary @ FormURLife - http://www.FormURLife.com
The results are in and in honor of #NationalHotDogDay we’ll be naming off our FAVORITE 3D Printed hot dogs! It was a meaty competition but here are the winners!

#3: Hot Dog Monopoly Tokens
by “Hanover School District”, hanoveropoly.southwesternsd.org
3D Printed out of plastic (we think!)
Honorable mention goes to the students of Hanover Public School District for these 3D Printed Monopoly tokens for their town’s “Hanoveropoly”. On #NationalHotDogDay, everyone wants to be the hot dog.

#2: Hot Dog Ring
by “Kinobun”, Shapeways.com
3D Printed out of Nylon or Acrylic.
Our runner up is a hot dog ring that can be printed from your choice of 2 plastics. There’s no better way to show someone you care than with a wearable hot dog.

#1: Hot Dog Cookie Cutter
by “Readyshapes”, Etsy.com
3D Printed out of ABS Plastic.
The top dog here is the hot dog cookie cutter. Available on Etsy, they get bonus points for being a 3D Printed hot dog that, ultimately, you can actually eat!

Don’t see your favorite 3D Printed hot dog here? let us know what’s missing!
Free Shipping Over $200
June 3 2015 - Mary @ FormURLife - http://www.FormURLife.com
Hey Guys, on May 31, 2015 the US Post Office raised all of their shipping rates, sooo we've been working hard to find better shipping solutions for you. While we've had to raise the price for some of our shipping options a little, we think you'll be pretty happy with the new updates.

Among the new shipping options available are - rush shipping for Domestic & International customers and now ALL orders over $200 include FREE SHIPPING!

Even better, we can now use your shipping account or any prefered shipping carrier you choose! Check out the new shipping FAQ's here for more details.
It's ALIVE!!! Muhahaha
April 4 2015 - Chris @ FormURLife - http://www.FormURLife.com
After a couple of rough weeks our new addition is finally up and running! We ran into a few small issues once unpacked but after modding the workshop, a bit of fiddling, a couple new parts and and some "duck tape". she's running like a champ! Now it's time to pump out those back orders... Here we go!

Notice: No ducks were harmed during the printer repairs and maintenance nor did we actually use duct tape :).
Our new 3D Printer has arrived!
March 24 2015 - Mary @ FormURLife - http://www.FormURLife.com
Finally! After months of anticipation our new 3D Printer has arrived! We are so thrilled to finally have it in-house and put an end to our back order. As soon as it's up-and-running all back ordered products will be produced and shipped.

Going forward you can expect faster shipping times, tons of new opportunities for bulk orders & special designs and the same great quality you've come to expect from FormURLife.

Stay tuned, more updates on the printer and some fun projects in the works. Thanks again!

Love is in the air...
November 18 2014 - Chris @ FormURLife - http://www.FormURLife.com
Wedding Salon took over New York City yesterday and love was in the air. The one-day bridal event is the ultimate wedding planning resource... And quite the party with cake, cocktails and couples! Brides-to-be, including the newly engaged Miss New York (congrats!), flock to Wedding Salon to discover the latest trends for their modern nuptials, so we at FormURLife were sure to stop by and share our Custom 3D Printed products! From party favors, to super-original place cards, to completely customized gifts for the happy couple... our Custom 3D Printed products are coming to a wedding near you! How can you add some 3D Printed flair to your big day? Design USB Drives with the nicknames of everyone in your wedding party to be waiting at the dinner table for them, or securely store your wedding video on a Custom Hard Drive to share with guests! No matter what, you'll know that your wedding is totally modern with 3D Printed decor, and your designs are always as 100% unique... just like your love <3
The Cloud Fogging Up Your Selfies?
September 4 2014 - Chris @ FormURLife - http://www.FormURLife.com
iCloud accounts have once again been compromised leaving A-List Celebrities - and let's face it, the rest of us who have much less flattering photos - wondering, how do I protect my data? Big names like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton have been failed by the "security" of cloud-based storage with very personal candid shots of them now floating around the internet. Is this the end of the beloved naked selfie? Nay! Instead of swearing off your forward facing camera, maybe it's time to take a tip from Joanna Krupa and Meagan Good - free yourself from The Cloud! Save your data on an External Hard Drive or USB Flash Drive and rest assured that it's not floating around on a server in Idaho waiting for some hacker to pick up! Of course, there's no need to sacrifice on style either with a totally Custom, 3D Printed storage device from FormURLife! Want extra peace-of-mind? Customize it with your name and there'll never be any question of who it belongs to!
Turtle Tip:
August 28 2014 - Chris @ FormURLife - http://www.FormURLife.com
Dudes and Dudettes, get radical savings for you and your Sensei with our Back To School Sale! Save a righteous 20% off your Custom 3D Printed Flash Drive or Hard Drive - Cowabunga! Discount Automatically applied at check out. Sale ends September 8th.
Pick a color, any colour!
July 31 2014 - Chris @ FormURLife - http://www.FormURLife.com
Whether you're headed out to a black tie event, or looking to brown-nose your boss... you'll be tickled pink with all of the new USB Flash Drive color choices! We've worked hard to add 14 new hues (colors), so share pics of your baby-blues or your favorite golden boy... Everyone will be green-eyed over your red-hot design! There are now 23 colors to choose from so hit every end of the spectrum. Now let's not ignore the purple elephant in the room... if you need a special color and still don't see it, just ask! We're always accepting special orders and will help you customize anything you'd like - no gray areas here! Not amused by puns? Make it a double entendre - multicolor options coming soon!
Hard Drives Now Available!
July 22 2014 - Chris @ FormURLife - http://www.FormURLife.com
Whether you're headed out to a black tie event, or looking to brown-nose your boss... you'll be tickled pink with all of the new USB Flash Drive color choices! We've worked hard to add 14 new hues (colors), so share pics of your baby-blues or your favorite golden boy... Everyone will be green-eyed over your red-hot design! There are now 23 colors to choose from so hit every end of the spectrum. Now let's not ignore the purple elephant in the room... if you need a special color and still don't see it, just ask! We're always accepting special orders and will help you customize anything you'd like - no gray areas here! Not amused by puns? Make it a double entendre - multicolor options coming soon!
Out with the old... In with the new!
July 7 2014 - Mary @ FormURLife - http://www.FormURLife.com
With all of the recent updates to our website, the release of our brand new Hard Drives, and our brand new product creator we've found ourselves refining every part of your experience when working with our company! That means even our product packaging gets proper a bit of attention. As a result we've made some fantastic upgrades to the USB Drive packaging! Some of the great new updates include...
    Sleeker Design - Only 5/8"(16mm) thick
    Custom length tube to minimize foot print
    Stronger for safer storage and transportation
    Water resistant and it floats!

While we're continuing to improve every part of the "FormURLife" experience both on our website and in your home, Keep an eye out for great new updates coming very soon!
Welcome to our new blog!
June 27 2014 - Mary & Chris @ FormURLife - http://www.FormURLife.com
Welcome to our brand new blog, where you can create the future! We'll take you inside our exciting world and bring you the latest news in 3D Printing and fantastic designs! Our website has been completely re-designed and we have a brand new, totally decked-out 3D Previewer to go along with it! Our newest product, 3D Printed Hard Drives, can now be designed, previewed and pre-ordered from the "Create Yours" page and will be officially released on July 14th. Pre-order now to have yours ship upon launch! We're super excited to show off this new product - they're the first ever 3D Printed Hard Drives - and you can check out our updated gallery for some great inspiration! We welcome special orders and challenges of any size... check out our updated Special Orders page to submit a request! Keep an eye out, we have lots of exciting new stuff coming this summer! We love hearing from you so if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns drop us a line and let us know what's on your mind! Happy Designing
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